Memphis Innovators

Who is a Memphis Innovator?

Memphis Innovators are donors like you who want to support the Memphis Library Foundation’s mission to transform communities through knowledge.

Private donors make our award-winning library programming possible. The city does not fund the majority of MPL programming. MLF was founded in 1995 to secure private and corporate donations to fund our innovative and community-centered work at the libraries. 

Memphis Innovators help support the continued progress of the Memphis Public Library. MPL staff has been routinely recognized for their thoughtful, well-loved, and thoroughly innovative programming!

Monthly donations not only provide a secure source of funding for MLF, but Memphis Innovators help us evaluate, adapt, and grow the MLF/MPL community.

In order to keep Memphis at the top of the national innovation list, it is our goal to secure more monthly, recurring donations to ensure long-term impact, cost-effectiveness, and equitable access to MPL services across the city.


Recurring monthly donations become funds we at MLF know we can rely on – they make it possible for us to support library staff who seek to make recurring events, update or acquire a unique collection, build out major programming in advance, etc. with secure funds.


With recurring payments, we do not need to do the back-end work of seeking your donation every cycle. Instead, we can put those hours and fees toward programming.

Equitable Access

The mission of MPL is to provide free resources and services to ALL Memphians – to do so, library staff need a funding source. That’s us! As a Memphis Innovator, we regularly seek your input and you help us build the next round of innovations. 

Memphis Innovators will receive not only a welcome gift upon sign-up, but also have the following benefits:

  • Early sign-up to guest author talks
  • First dibs on tickets for fundraising events
  • Receive monthly updates from MLF and MPL
  • Invited to private events for Memphis Innovator events to view all that is accomplished with your donations
  • Direct contact with MLF team to assess and reformulate services

While each donation matters to us, the monthly donations allow us to better strategize how to distribute funds to all 18 branches of the library. Knowing we have $1,000 coming in throughout the year let’s us direct funds where they need to go rather than to hunting down more funding each time a new project comes up. Your money can have more impact in a monthly, recurring cycle than the occasional donation here and there!